How Wholesale Coffee Suppliers Can Benefit Your Business

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More and more people are needing their coffee pick-me-up in the morning thanks to the rise in coffee culture. A cup of coffee in the morning is now synonymous with modern office life. With this rise in coffee culture, there also comes a more sophisticated palate when it comes to the drink. This means you as an office need to step up your coffee game to keep workers happy. 

As a professional London based coffee roasters, we can help supply your business with the best coffee beans, barista training and espresso machines. The real question you are probably asking yourself as a business owner is: why bother?

Besides tasting great, coffee has a proven positive effect on workplace happiness and productivity. Let’s look at all the benefits coffee can bring to an individual and the workplace as a whole. 

Business Perks Bring in Talent

Many often forget that an interview process is a two-way street. Not only are candidates being assessed by you but they too are looking at you and your business with a critical eye. We are sure that your team are the best but that isn’t the only thing potential employees look for nowadays. 

Alongside the fulfilment through the workload, they look for great office environments. Offices with a good coffee culture are a real perk to young talent. You’ll show them that there are a number of perks to working at your establishment and that you support your employees.

Employees Value Coffee More Than You Think

Not only do you want to attract talent to your business with your coffee culture but you also want to retain and nurture existing talent. According to a survey conducted by Staples, one in four workers would give up their vacation to keep their daily cup of coffee and, interestingly enough, one third of respondents claimed they would rather run down a busy street completely naked instead of giving up coffee for a year!

Therefore, giving your employees something better than a rubbish drip coffee machine will mean a lot to the office. People feel cared for and this therefore increases the levels of satisfaction in the workplace. In fact, according to NCDT data, over 50% of workers who drink coffee at the office are not satisfied with their office coffee service situation.

You can change this with a wholesale coffee bean service as well as having an in house barista to make your office speciality coffee. A little can go a long way in terms of office morale.

Drinking Coffee Boosts Office Productivity

Coffee is a miracle liquid. It tastes amazing but also possesses productivity-boosting qualities. Caffeine is a drug at the end of the day and caffeine falls into the stimulant category of drugs. It simultaneously increases dopamine levels and it also blocks adenosine receptors. Dopamine is responsible for keeping you happy and focused and adenosine is responsible for making you tired, so blocking the receptors keeps you awake. Basically, it keeps you motivated and stops you from getting sleepy!

Alongside this, there have been studies conducted by a group of researchers from John Hopkins University showed that caffeine enhances memory consolidation for up to 24 hours after consumption. This means that if you drink coffee right after learning something, you’re more likely to remember it more clearly the next day. Never forget a meeting again!

It Burns Calories and Keeps Your Office Healthy

This one will not come as no surprise, as caffeine is found in pretty much every fat-burning supplement on the high street. Why? It’s one of the few natural substances proven to boost metabolism and aid fat burning. Many different studies have proven caffeine’s ability to boost metabolic rate and as a result, burn extra calories in both men and women. 

Despite what was believed a few years ago, coffee is not bad for your health. Studies have actually found that moderate consumption of coffee can be part of a healthy diet. Moreover, coffee drinking has been linked to a variety of health benefits and reduced risks for a number of diseases, including Cancer, Diabetes, Parkinsons and Alzheimers. According to another study, drinking two or more cups of coffee every day helps against liver diseases.

Coffee is a great alternative for your workers in both health aspects and productivity aspects when compared to sugary soft drinks. Having high sugar soft drinks can make your workers lethargic after due to a sugar crash and is overall far less healthy. This will keep your office in great shape for the foreseeable future. 

Coffee Breaks Are Essential for a Healthy Workplace

Although multiple health benefits have been recognised in the past few years, many would say that the greatest benefit of drinking coffee is a social one. A Danish researcher conducted a study on how coffee breaks help workers cope with workplace stress. The study concluded that the ability to gather in front of a coffee machine helped overworked employees form ‘coping communities’, which greatly helped them cope with stress.

Another study conducted in Hong Kong found that drinking caffeinated coffee enhanced co-operative behaviour. Moreover, people who drank coffee expressed negative feelings more openly, which led to seeking support from other people and therefore bonding.

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Now you know all these benefits to promoting coffee culture at your workplace, what are you waiting for? We can supply you with an assortment of freshly roasted coffee beans at wholesale prices. See our range of coffee beans and get in touch today to have some tester kits sent over to you. 

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