Barista Training

For our clients, we offer different levels of barista training and can run coffee audits to ensure quality and high standard procedures are always in place.


Knowledge, Techniques and Insights
from Barista Specialists

At the moment we run 2 different levels of training.


The Basic Barista Skills

This is an introduction to the world of coffee and barista skills.

Content: History of coffee, coffee from plant to cup, basic barista skills and milk techniques, drink recipes, cleaning of espresso machine.

The Basic barista skills training can also be run at the client’s site, and it would last around 1.5 hours depending of the number of people attending.

Intermediate Barista Skills

This is a course designed for more experienced baristas. It focuses on technique and sensory aptitude to develop the barista’s palate.

Content: Grind adjustment, espresso tasting skills, latte art and espresso machine calibration.

This level of training is only run at our roastery in Croydon.


Speciality Coffee Suppliers

80 Stone Coffee is a speciality wholesale coffee supplier with a long and passionate story for all things coffee. All our coffee beans are roasted in our London based roastery. Browse our shop to see the different beans we have to offer. We not only provide you with the best La Marzocco equipment but we provide some great barista training. See how a barista training can improve your espresso. Come say hi in our cafe too, we’re always happy to talk coffee with people.