Meet our Coffees

Here at 80 Stone, we appreciate the diversity of the coffee world, and love to have a wide range of coffees to offer our clients. But that being said, we understand the importance of a reliable house-blend, and so let us introduce our main espresso range

Heavy Bag

Our most popular choice, a balanced blend that is perfect for getting those consistent delicious cups of coffee. Whether it’s drunk black or with milk, with sugar or without, it is sure to impress. Heavy Bag was designed to be a people pleaser, with harmony between sweetness, acidity, and body, being the main goal. What’s more, it is super reliable and forgiving, but with a great variety of flavour for the skilled barista to work with.



The same blend as our Heavy Bag, but with a darker roast profile to bring out a heavier, syrupy body, and a sweeter less complex taste experience in the final cup, focusing instead on getting those richer notes of dark chocolate and treacle, closer to the traditional Italian style of espresso coffee.



A single origin coffee that is aimed towards those who want a slightly lighter cup profile, with a focus on the nuttier, lighter, crisper notes, with a silky body, and a subtle low acidity. This coffee is also quite versatile, and can be brewed in many different ways, but we find it really excels in milk-based drinks.


High Tide

Now, for those who want something different. High Tide is our seasonal single-origin choice, full of more complex notes and brighter acidities, to create a stand-out cup of coffee to remember. It works great as a guest single origin espresso, or as a lovely addition to your retail shelves for the coffee explorers.



Quality Control

Not only do we source and roast delicious coffee, but we keep it that way. Every time a new coffee comes into the roastery, or out of the roaster, we make sure to asses the cup profile and confirm it is tasting its best, and alongside our high tech equipment, we are measuring all the necessary variables at every stage of the roasting process, to ensure that every batch is just where we want it.

Organic, FairTrade, Sustainability

A lot of coffees are certified as either ‘Organic’, ‘FairTrade’, or both. And whilst a lot of large coffee producers can afford to pay for this certification, many smaller independent farmers cannot, even if they meet the requirements. Some of our coffees are certified, some are not, but all our coffee is sourced directly from the partners, or through platforms like Algrano, which discloses all the necessary details, ensuring that the coffee we buy from across the world does good as well as taste good.


But That’s Not All

Espresso coffee is great; it is the cornerstone of any great café. But more and more we are seeing filter coffee rise in popularity. If you serve filter coffee in your café, or are looking into doing so, we have a wide range of seasonal single origin coffees. From smooth and soft to bold and bright, there is bound to be a perfect choice for your brew bar. See our current offerings here: LEARN MORE


Speciality Coffee Suppliers

80 Stone Coffee is a speciality wholesale coffee supplier with a long and passionate story for all things coffee. All our coffee beans are roasted in our London based roastery. Browse our shop to see the different beans we have to offer. We not only provide you with the best La Marzocco equipment but we provide some great barista training. Find out what makes a good coffee roaster. and what to consider before choosing a coffee supplier. Interested in White Label (private coffee label) service? Get in touch now.