We're not cool.
But our coffee is.

What do you look for in your coffee?
A piping hot, aromatic swirl of floral and lemony notes, with undertones of ironic “mum” tattoos?
Maybe a dark, intense shot of liquorice, with a hint of well-groomed man-bun is more your thing?
We can certainly deliver on that…well, some of that.
You see, when it comes to coffee, we know how to source, roast and create some of the most deliciously crafted cups around.
We’ve been doing it for over 15 years.
When it comes to looking the part of the “cool” coffee guys…we gotta hold our hands up. That’s not us.
Only one of us has a tattoo…and no one would say it’s a cool one.
Not even the one who got it done. (It’s a long story, don’t ask).
Neither of us has enough hair to scrape into a baby pigtail, let alone an impressive hairy orb to crown our heads.
There’s not a piercing to be found.
No Antepodian accents to be heard.
No man-jewellery is sported.
No edgy nicknames-Not that we haven’t tried to give ourselves one.
Oh, we’ve tried, believe us.
They just didn’t stick. No idea why…
You’ll never even hear us utter “dude”, ever.
It just doesn’t sound that cool in an Italian accent.
So, if you’re looking for the kind of coffee providers who look like the cool A.F tattooed dudes cropping up on every street corner across the country, we’re the first to admit it-we aren’t those “cool” coffee guys.
We know who we are, and we know what we are about.
We know coffee.
We love coffee.
We make great coffee.
If you’re looking for partners who have an innate understanding of what it takes to create beautiful coffee, with unique beans and blends, we’re your coffee guys.
We focus on substance, and put the style in our beans.


The Characters Behind
the Coffee

80 Stone Coffee Roasters is a dedicated team who are passionate about all things coffee. Firstly we have Roberto who possesses strong financial management and organisation skills. We also have Simone, who has extensive experience in the coffee industry, namely in barista training, speciality coffee roasting and coffee exporting from his time in Guatemala. Roberto grew up in a coffee shop in Verona and has always worked in hospitality. Simone has also always worked with coffee; roasting, engineering and barista training. While they have different backgrounds, they make a great team.

Their professional relationship began in 2006 when Simone and Roberto met in London while working together in a restaurant. Roberto left London in 2008 and started running his own busy coffee & wine bar in Verona.
After finishing in 6th place at the 2010 UK Barista Championship, Simone moved to Central America, where he worked in a coffee exporting company and judged barista competitions in Guatemala and El Salvador. He also secured 2nd place at the Italian coffee cupping competition in 2012.


How 80 Stone Coffee
Was Born

After taking this time out to progress in our careers, we returned to the UK and the business of 80 Stone began to form. We met again in London in mid-2012 and decided to open a coffee shop in Fulham (West London) in June 2013.

Following the opening of that cafe, we decided to dedicate a small area of our first cafe to roast coffee beans and we bought a 5kg coffee roasting machine, pictured here on the left. This was the F.I.M.T (Fabbrica Italiana Macchine Tostatrici) which was produced in Turin, north of Italy 1960c. This is where the brand of 80 Stone Coffee really started to take shape. We refurbished the machine together and started a mission to roast and distribute our own coffee at the beginning of April 2015. We branded the product with the name “80 Stone Coffee” because our roaster weighs about 80 stone and we were both born in the 80s!! And who doesn’t like the 80s?

In the meantime, they opened their flagship store in July 2017, 80 Stone Cafe in Elephant and Castle. The future is bright for 80 Stone!


How We Continue to
Better Our Coffee

As 80 Stone grew at a massive rate, we soon saw room for potential to bring even better experiences to the streets of London. It was in the middle of 2018 that we realised that the shop in Fulham was too small to cope with the big demand for roasting coffee and the original 5 kg roaster was just not big enough to be able to roast consistently and in large quantities.

The decision was made In December 2018 for the production to be moved to an industrial unit in Croydon (South London.) This also meant that we could upgrade our roasting equipment, adding a 30Kg Petroncini roaster to the 5Kg F.I.M.T. (which is still in use for roasting very small batches of beans.) The new roaster arrived in March 2019 along with a new coffee destoner machine and storing tanks. This allows them to roast in larger more consistently roasted quantities of beans. Giving you the best coffee, every time!

This change of location now means that 80 Stone have greater space for their corporate training sessions. Offering more regular and intensive training courses to make sure that all baristas can make the best cups of coffee possible.