Our bit for the Environment

Choosing the right packaging for our coffee was a challenge, but we remained committed to finding an option that works with our coffee and aligned with our environmental values.



We believe in using practical, earth-friendly methods in every part of our work, how we connect with others, where we get our stuff, and how we package it. Being eco-friendly isn’t just a saying; it’s something we practice daily. We take small, sensible steps every day to meet our eco-goals and do good in the coffee industry.


Our compostable bags

Our 250g bags are created from plants and are now certified compostable (just take off the labels). When we were seeking sustainable options for our coffee bags, using recyclable plastic was one possibility. However, this would have required producing new plastic as recycled ones are not deemed safe for coffee packaging. That’s why we opted for plant based compostable materials as a more environmentally friendly choice to minimize the production of new plastic.
PS: our 1Kg bags are not compostable yet, but they will be soon!

What it means for you

Are these bags home or industrially compostable? And what does it mean?

A home compostable material is one that can be added to your household compost bin, where it will decompose alongside your leftover fruits and vegetables, within a 90-day timeframe. In order for packaging to be considered home compostable, all its components, including printed ink and adhesives, must also naturally break down without leaving any harmful substances.

An industrially compostable material necessitates specific conditions for rapid and complete breakdown. Industrial composting facilities simulate a higher temperature environment, accelerating degradation and ensuring complete disappearance of the material without any harmful residues.

Our new 250g bags are certified industrially compostable, which means that after use (remove all labels first), they can be taken to a facility that will break them down and speed up the composting process. While they can still decompose in a home setting, they may not achieve the 90-day benchmark required for home compostability.

In conclusion, compostable materials, whether designed for home or industrial composting, offer a substantial environmental advantage over other packaging options available. Compostable packaging provides assurance that regardless of the disposal method, it will not cause any lasting or harmful effects on the environment.

Mailers & boxes

We only ship using recycled packaging, our mailers are made of kraft paper, our boxes are made of recycled cardboard, and everything including our paper packaging tape are fully recyclable.
coffee boxes

Coffee Chaff

Coffee chaff is the dried skin on a coffee bean, which falls off during the roasting process. Generally this is disposed of. But not by us, we don’t bin it. All our coffee chaff is being handed out to the local community in Croydon to be used as garden compost. Isn’t it great?

Our Carbon Neutral Mission

A company achieves carbon neutrality by offsetting the carbon dioxide they emit during their daily operations with an equal amount of absorption or removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Our packaging manufacturers and delivery partners are 100% certified carbon neutral.

Speciality Coffee Suppliers

80 Stone Coffee is a speciality wholesale coffee supplier with a long and passionate story for all things coffee. All our coffee beans are roasted in our London based roastery. Browse our shop to see the different beans we have to offer. We not only provide you with the best La Marzocco equipment but we provide some great barista training.