Learn More about Roberto

He grew up working in his family-owned coffee shop and always loved challenges. Then he moved to London, where he worked for a couple of years in the hospitality environment, in close contact with the coffee industry.

In his early 20s, he went back to Verona and he opened his own cafe and wine bar, where he improved management and organization skills. In 2012 he moved back to London with the specific objective to start another business, but something bigger this time.

Once his friend Simone became his trustful partner, they opened their first business in UK, a speciality coffee shop located in West London. After a couple of years, they purchased a coffee roasting machine and started a wholesale business under the name of 80 Stone Coffee Roasters.

This grew so rapidly that they had to move soon to a bigger unit and get a bigger coffee roasting machine. In the meantime, they opened their flagship store, 80 Stone Cafe in Elephant and Castle. The future is bright for 80 Stone!

Roberto is very precise and business oriented. He loves to have all his work well organised and meet the deadlines ahead of schedule. He is also very environmentally conscious. He has a keen desire to save the environment, and he takes this into consideration with every action. Whether this be business decisions or small things like recycling!

As an Italian, Roberto grew up drinking coffee since he was a little boy. The classic moka pot and espresso are his historic favourite brewing methods, but since he moved to UK and started to test all the other ones, his tastes have changed.

At home, he has a small La Pavoni espresso machine that he uses every morning with freshly ground coffee. His favourite coffees are the ones that produce chocolate and nutty tasting notes, like 80 Stone’s current Brazil and our Heavy Bag Espresso Blend.