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Chameleon – Omni-roast Rwanda


A sweet aroma like red berries mixed the scent of a freshly baked frangipane tart. You’ll notice a subtle nutty sweetness at first, and as it cools, those berry flavours really start to pop. Perfect for a special treat – espresso, with milk or as a filter coffee

Beauty in the Bloom – Peru


A remarkable Geisha varietal from Edson’s farm. This cup is gentle and elegant, with notes of red berry tea, mild tropical juice, and honeydew melon, all perfectly balanced by refined, soft caramelized sugar. A delicate brew with a sophisticated profile.

Flowers in the Field – Peru


Eyebrow raiser. Obscure varietal. A Bourbon strain found in Marcelino’s farm. Flavours? Many: floral, orange blossom, candied grapefruit, green gummybear (the apple one), chocolate mousse, vanilla. One-of-a-kind, in short supply, and simply amazing.

Sunny Nuts – Costa Rica


Great Costa Rican coffee that starts off with a sugary base that reminded us of honey roasted nuts. A buttery and balanced cup, followed by a touch of summery yellow fruit notes, elderflower, and honey.

Ripe and Dandy – Ethiopia


Open the bag and BAM! — it’s a fruity punch right in the face, like rum cake mingled with ripe pineapples and mangoes. Drink it hot for that boozy warmth and tropical vibes. As it cools, it gets all gentle tasting like peach yoghurt and yellow fruit.

Siesta – Colombia Decaf


Always sweet with soft lemon and apple acidity over creamy chocolate and caramel. The Swiss Water process is used to achieve effective decaffeination, retain flavour, and plus it’s good for the environment.

Rarities by 80 Stone – Caturra – Advanced Fermentation


Another exceptionally rare, unique and experimental coffee, from Wilton Benitez. Prepare for surprise infusion.
Upon opening the tin, the vibrant aroma will tell you that you that you are about to embark on a wild journey. When brewed, we taste a complex mixture of liquorice, orange and herbal tea. As it cools, the liquorice becomes pronounced, with the additional notes of brown spices and barrel aged rum in the finish. This complexity rests on a round, syrupy body, with lively acidity.

Net Weight: 125g – whole beans

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Sip Back and Relax – Honduras


This is our comfort coffee. A silky body blankets your tongue with notes of indulgent chocolate, creamy caramel, and warm brown sugar, all supported by a gentle muted acidity.

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