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Rarities by 80 Stone – Orange Bourbon Anaerobic Extended Yeast Fermentation


An exceptionally rare, unique and experimental coffee.

The vibrant aroma is where it starts. Distinct and bold. Then we taste a complex mixture of stewed rhubarb, stewed strawberry, and vanilla extract. As it cools, the strawberry becomes more like fresh strawberry, and the vanilla’s florality is more pronounced, with the added notes of white peach and subtle zesty mandarin in the finish. This complexity rests on a round, syrupy body, with a complex sparkling acidity.

Net Weight: 125g – whole beans

Manor Born – Costa Rica


Milk chocolate, and marzipan up front, followed promptly by Frangelico and Amaretto; a delicate florality emerges as it cools. This one is for those who want to treat their tastebuds like royalty.

Sip Back and Relax – Honduras


This is our comfort coffee. A silky body blankets your tongue with notes of indulgent chocolate, creamy caramel, and warm brown sugar, all supported by a gentle muted acidity.

Berry Buzz – Rwanda


This smooth, syrupy, coffee from Rwanda is bursting with berry notes. Its round body and taste of blackcurrant reminds us of Ribena, but with a soft, sparkling acidity buzzing in the background.

Daddy’s Cup – Papua New Guinea


My dad’s favourite coffee. This lot from Papua New Guinea delivers an uncomplicated cup, with notes of dark chocolate, walnuts, and fudge. Perfect with the morning newspaper.

What a Waste!


This blend comes from test roasts and coffee surplus, so it’s naturally limited in stock and availability. Create a great tasting cup of coffee with a great purpose behind it too!

Filter Subscription

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