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Puly Caff Plus 3.5g – pack of 2


Puly Caff Plus quickly cleans group heads and removes tea and coffee stains from crockery and equipment.

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Puly Cleaner Powder – Baby Machine Descaler – 1 x 25g


Specially formulated to descale domestic and hand fill coffee machines.

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Hessian Jute Coffee Sacks (pack of 3)


Hessian Jute Coffee Sacks. Due to the bags being printed manually at the coffee farms, the exact style may vary. Each one was used to hold 70Kg of green coffee beans.

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Recycled Coffee Sack Bag


Hand-made tote bags, crafted locally from recycled coffee sacks.
Due to the bags being printed manually at the coffee farms, the exact style may vary.

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Pallo Coffee Tool Group Head Cleaning Brush


The unique patented design & water deflector fins of this brush keep hands cool & dry whilst cleaning.

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Cafelat Silicone Tamping Mat – Corner


Perfect for those who like to tamp with the filterholder on the edge of the counter top.

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Motta Wooden Coffee Tamper – 58.4mm


High quality, beautifully balanced Italian-made tamper for professional Baristas.

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Motta Coffee Levelling Tool – 58.5mm


Place the tool onto a filter basket with the correct dose of fresh coffee grounds, then push down and twist clockwise. The angled underside distributes the grounds evenly to help improve consistent extraction. Size: 58.5mm

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Crema Pro Cloth & Barista Towel Set


A two cloth set including a microfibre cloth for removing and cleaning grind from porta handles and baskets and a microfibre steam wand cloth for cleaning the steam wand to remove milk residue.

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Crema Pro Dosing Cup – 70mm


Increase workflow, keep your workspace clean, and ensure that all of your ground coffee gets into your portafilter with the Crema Pro Coffee Gear Short Dosing Cup. Made of stainless steel, this cup is strong and durable, and will suit most lever arm grinders on the market including EK43.

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Kinto Glass Server Jug Pour-Over Coffee Style – 600ml


Developed with both form and function in mind, this Kinto pour-over Coffee Style Speciality Coffee Server, 600ml, brings you the taste of your favourite coffee. Made from clear, heat resistant glass, it looks modern and sleek. Measurements on the server indicate the amount of coffee dripped.

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RDT Spray Bottle Amber Glass – 30ml


Perfect tool for improving your coffee grinding experience. Using the Ross Droplet Technique, our bottle allows you to add a small amount of water to your coffee before grinding to reduce static and improve consistency. With less retention in your grinder, you’ll enjoy a better-tasting and more aromatic coffee every time.

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Rhinowares Coffee Dosing Funnel Magnetic – 58mm


Minimise waste and improve workflow by keeping flying coffee grounds in the filterholder basket with the Rhinowares 58mm Espresso Dosing Funnel, which connects magnetically to filterholder baskets.

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VST Precision Filter Basket Ridgeless – 18g


VST’s precision filters deliver consistent extraction performance over a wide range of concentration with reduced sediment. Designed to extract properly as a ristretto, normale or lungo with minimal or no change in grind setting at a fixed dose. Wide outlet angle to prevent filters from clogging, anti-wear design ensures uniform performance for life of product.

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Espresso Gear Teflon Coated Jug – Black


Espresso Gear’s hard wearing non stick Teflon coating makes it quck and easy to rinse off these jugs, saving precious time for busy baristas