COFFEE        18g

WATER        55ml  [97°C to 99°C]

inverted / 2 filters

0:00 POUR 55ml

0:10  20 second stir

0:30  FLIP

0:35  PLUNGE

0:45  FINISH


The AeroPress is a milestone in coffee brewing. It is affordable, versatile, easy to use, and creates great coffee in a variety of different ways. In fact, there are so many possibilities with the AeroPress, that there is even a competition based exclusively on brewing coffee with this device; it can do anything from replicating espresso-style coffee, cafetière, and filter coffee, all in one simple, small device, that is easy to clean and travel with. It was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, who sought to create what he saw as the perfect coffee brewing device, that was simpler and more consistent than anything else on the market at the time, and for many, this is still the case. It is a real fan-favourite, and it is definitely a favourite of ours too.

The third and final AeroPress recipe is designed to emulate an Espresso on this device, with a heavier taste profile and a thicker body.


What you’ll need

  • An AeroPress and AeroPress filter
  • 18 grams of coffee
  • Grinder
  • Water
  • Kettle
  • A scale/timer
  • A stirrer/spoon
  • A sturdy cup or jug
  • Your favourite mug


  1. Place the plunger into the AeroPress, flip it upside down, and fill with boiling water to preheat.
  2. Grind 18 grams of coffee just coarser than espresso.
  3. Insert one AeroPress filter into the cap, rinse it, and put it to the side.
  4.  Heat your water between 97-99 degrees.
  5. Discard the water from the AeroPress, push the plunger down to the 2 mark, and place it in the inverted method on the scale.
  6. Weigh in 18grams of coffee, and level it out.
  7. Start the timer and quickly pour 55ml of water onto the coffee bed, then stir vigorously for 20 seconds.
  8. At 30 seconds, place on the AeroPress cap, placing your sturdy cup on top of that, and flip the AeroPress the correct way around.
  9. Plunge all the liquid out, and then remove the AeroPress for cleaning.
  10. Pour the coffee from the cup/jug, into your serving cup and enjoy.

How to adjust

  1. Using hotter water temperatures will give you a sweeter cup, whereas using cooler water will generate a brighter, more acidic brew.
  2. Try finer ground coffee for a sweeter, thicker more bodied cup, and coarser ground coffee for a lighter cleaner cup.
  3. You can increase or decrease your dose to get a stronger or weaker brew.


This section is for those who want to go all in. It provides the extra details regarding our method, as well as the results we get when brewing, and are to serve as both guidance, and reference for those who want it.


     Grind:                    220μm – 300μm

     Yield:                     ≈69 % [38ml]

     TDS:                       6.8 %

     EY:                          14.36 %

Water content

     pH:                          7.0

     PPM:                      115

Ready to do some practice?


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