Fellow Stagg Brewer


COFFEE        14.5g

WATER        225ml  [93°C to 99°C]

0:00 1st   POUR 60ml


0:55  2nd POUR 35ml

1:25  3rd POUR 35ml

1:55  4th POUR – 35ml

2:25  5th POUR – 60ml

2:55 – FINISH


The Fellow Stagg brewer is a paragon of design. Despite its elegant looks, it has unmatched functionality too. Being a flat-bed brewer, it already has more consistent and even extraction capabilities than conical brewers like the V60, but its fast steady flow rates just make it even more consistent. In addition, it has a unique, vacuum insulated double wall design, which has highly responsive yet stable thermal properties, giving the user more control over temperature. Furthermore, its base serves as a three-fold tool: it can be used to weigh your coffee into, as well as a cap to retain heat inside the brewer after pouring, and finally as a place to put the brewer once extraction has finished. We love this brewer so much, we used it in the UK Brewers Cup 2022 Semi-Finals, and the following recipe is an adaptation of the recipe used on the day, designed to be more suitable for home-brewing. The brewer comes in two sizes, X and XF, and we prefer the smaller X model to achieve these wonderfully complex, vibrant, clean, and balanced brews.


What you’ll need

  • Fellow Stagg Brewer
  • Any flat-bed filter papers, we prefer Kalita 185s
  • 14.5 grams of coffee
  • Grinder
  • Water
  • Kettle (preferably gooseneck)
  • A scale/timer
  • Decanter
  • Your favourite cup


  1. Grind 14.5 grams of coffee to a medium-coarse setting.
  2. Heat your water up to between 93°C and 99°C.
  3. Remove the base from the brewer, place the filter paper inside and rinse it with hot water, then cold water to cool down the brewer. Discard of the water.
  4. Place the brewer and decanter onto the scale and weigh in the coffee, level out the bed by giving it a gentle shake, then tare the scale.
  5. Start the timer and begin by quickly pouring 60ml of water (40grams in a circular motion and the last 20grams into the centre of the brewer). Then swirl the brewer 3 times to saturate all of the coffee grounds. Place the base on top of the brewer to retain the heat.
  6. At 55 seconds, remove the cap. Very slowly and gently pour 35ml in a circular motion to reach 95ml of water.
  7. Once all the liquid has drained at around 1:25, again pour 35ml in a slow circular motion to reach 130ml of water.
  8. Once again, when all the liquid has drained at around 1:55, pour 35ml in a slow circular motion to reach 165ml of water.
  9. All the liquid should drain around 2:25, then pour another 60ml pour (this time 20ml in the centre, and the final 40ml in circles), to reach 225ml of water.
  10. When there is about 1cm of liquid still above the bed, cut the brew. The total brew time should be approximately 2:55 – 3:10.
  11. Clean the brewer.
  12. Swirl the decanter, serve and enjoy.

How to adjust

  1. Using hotter water temperatures will give you a sweeter cup, whereas using cooler water will generate a brighter, more acidic brew.
  2. Try finer ground coffee for a sweeter, thicker more bodied cup, and coarser ground coffee for a lighter cleaner cup.
  3. You can increase or decrease your dose to get a stronger or weaker brew.

Fellow Stagg Brewer

This section is for those who want to go all in. It provides the extra details regarding our method, as well as the results we get when brewing, and are to serve as both guidance, and reference for those who want it.


     Grind:                    750μm

     Yield:                     ≈85 % [190ml]

     TDS:                       1.4%

     EY:                          18.34 %

Water content

     pH:                          6.6

     PPM:                      120

Ready to do some practice?


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